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Every step in the business world is an adventure ... but the best of them is the planned one.

If you are one of the entrepreneurs who are looking for solutions to expand their business and start their journey towards sharing success with the most powerful American companies, BEROYA is proud to provide our American Package through which we seek to make things easier for you.

Establishment of a US company. 

Attestation of company’s official documents from the US Department of State.

Commercial representative office for the company in New York.

Unique American phone line.

Reserving your official website on the US domain.

Designing the entire website to be distinctive through elegant interface online.

Opening a US bank account for your company with several advantages.

  • This package includes establishment of companies in the United States of America, where our legal advisors are responsible for preparing all the documents required to ensure the establishment of your companies on sound legal bases.
  • In addition, we attest official documents and instruments from the US State Department and establishing a commercial representative office for the company in New York City.
  • We also provide the advantage of opening a US bank account for your company, through which you can easily transfer your money at the best exchange rates, safely receive your international transfers, access your bank account and follow up on your financial transactions online.
  • You can also obtain a credit card (Visa and MasterCard) and benefit from discount, reward and withdrawal programs offered by the US banks.
  • You can also obtain a unique American phone number for your company.
  • BEROYA also offers, within this package, website booking and design service for your company on the US domain.

If you have any inquiry about our us package… feel free to contact us via our website.

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