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  • is the official website of BEROYA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS CO., which is officially registered in London - United Kingdom.
  • The client is fully responsible for the private data and information that he has provided us with.
  • The client shall update his data with BEROYA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS (address - phone number - e-mail) and shall be fully responsible for the damages resulting from his failure to do so, as all updates, news and notifications are given via the contact information available at BEROYA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS.
  • BEORYA shall maintain the confidentiality of information and data of clients and companies and shall not disclose it to any third party.
  • The client shall be fully responsible for keeping records and documents related to his business.
  • The client shall bear any obligations resulting from any resolutions or amendments to the laws, regulations and general policies of the country in which the company is registered.
  • The client shall respect the laws of the countries in which he conducts his business and fulfill all his obligations towards them. He shall also be fully responsible for any damages that affect his clients. BEROYA shall not bear any legal responsibility resulting from the client's abuses and actions.
  • BEROYA accepts the transfer of fees via (bank transfer to the company's account in London or Dubai - Western Union).
  • The client shall incur the transfer fees.
  • The client may not claim the refund of any paid fees, except in the event that the first party fails to fulfill its obligations and agreements.
  • The fees shall be paid in full before starting the required service procedures, and can be paid in two installments according to BEROYA’s regulations and conditions.
  • The client shall incur shipping charges and any other customs fees. BEROYA shall not be responsible for the loss of any shipped parcels, which is the full responsibility of the shipping company, as BEROYA’s relationship with the parcel ends once it is delivered to the shipping company and the bill of lading is obtained.
  • BEROYA shall not interfere in disputes and disagreements that may arise between companies and other parties.
  • BEROYA is not specialized in immigration and visa services.
  • BEROYA shall have the right to amend or add to the terms of the transaction agreement. It shall also have the right to amend the incorporation fees and any other fees and annual renewal of companies, according to market shifts, international currency rates and changes in government fees.
  • There are no contact details, representatives, agents or offices of BEROYA except those shown on the Contact Us page. The Client shall be entirely responsible for any dealing with any party or person claiming to represent BEROYA.
Your access and use of this site means that you have read this agreement and expressly agree to it and to all of its terms without exception. If you do not accept them in full, your access to this site shall be deemed impermissible and you must stop using it immediately.
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