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Because you are special to us, join BEROYA diamond world and enjoy a unique set of privileges and exclusive services, which are designed to fit the our elite clients, as per the highest levels that fit them and their expectations, in a way that touches their needs, emulate their aspirations and opens up a unique world of high-end commercial and investment services from London, the capital of finance and business, to all regions of the world.


Being a client of the BEROYA London Diamond Package means that you will enjoy exceptional benefits and a high level of unparalleled services, which include:

Establishment of a British company.

Attestation of company’s official documents from the British Foreign Office.

Authentication of company's official documents from the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Commercial representative office for the company in London, the capital of Britain.

British phone number (with the possibility of buying a gold number).

Reserving your official website on the London domain.

Designing the entire website to be distinctive through elegant interface online.

Opening a British bank account in London for your company with several advantages.

Our team will provide all aspects of support to investors, ranging from the establishment of British companies and preparing all the documents required to complete all procedures of establishment and ratification by the British Foreign Office and the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry and opening a British bank account in London for your company, which allows you to:

We also provide technical and technological support for your project to appear decently through the possibility of obtaining a British phone number, purchasing a golden number, booking your official website on the London domain and the professional design of your website that represents your window to the world.

If you are looking for an ideal partner, please contact our team on our official website to obtain more information about Beroya diamond package.

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